Najít Technologies is dedicated to the development of safe and effective vaccines against infectious diseases of global importance

Emerging infectious diseases represent a significant threat to public health. This broad category encompasses diseases that are newly discovered and characterized (e.g., Hepatitis C, HIV) as well as diseases that have re-emerged  or spread beyond their normal geographical range (e.g., yellow fever, dengue). Many of these diseases disproportionately affect people in the developing world. There is, however, an increasing inter-relatedness between diseases considered endemic in foreign countries and emergence of these diseases in North America. Two examples of this trend include outbreaks of West Nile virus and dengue virus in the United States.

As reflected in our Mission Statement, Najít Technologies is dedicated to the development of safe and effective vaccines for diseases that affect developing countries. Our goal is to develop products for diseases that affect large numbers of people in endemic countries. These diseases have not received adequate attention as demonstrated by the so-called “10/90″ gap which describes the existing scenario wherein less than 10% of healthcare funding is spent on diseases that affect more than 90% of the world-wide disease burden. Although this gap is narrowing, there nevertheless continues to be a large discrepancy in healthcare spending between first and third world countries. This divergence in vaccine and healthcare coverage enables potentially preventable infectious diseases to threaten populations throughout the world. To address this need, Najít Technologies is developing vaccines for both endemic and newly emerging diseases that affect millions of people around the globe.