About the Company


  • Development of safe and highly effective vaccines against potentially life-threatening infectious diseases
  • Attention to underserved and vulnerable populations (very young, elderly and immunocompromised inviduals)
  • Provide expertise in emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases


  • HydroVax vaccine platform provides increased safety
  • Preservation of important immunological epitopes for higher immunogenicity
  • Superior inactivated vaccine formulations for prevention of infectious diseases

Core Values

  • Commitment to scientific innovation and excellence through teamwork
  • Shared passion for doing good on a global level
  • Creating ongoing partnerships within the scientific community

Najít (“Nay-yeet”) is a
word meaning
“to find or


How to
pronounce Najít

Najít donates 1%
of net profits to
charities that
support health
and development
programs for children.