Vaccine Development

Najit Technologies, Inc. utilizes a novel oxidation-based vaccine production system, HydroVax™, that results in superior vaccine formulations for infectious disease as compared to conventional methods.

HydroVax™ vaccines:

  • Replace live vaccines with an inactivated counterpart, thereby greatly reducing the chances for serious adverse events in vaccinated individuals
  • Preserve important immunologic epitopes including neutralizing epitopes and T cell epitopes
  • Are amenable to stable, preservative-free formulations

The properties inherent to our vaccine development platform make them ideal candidates for use in developing countries in which an effective cold-chain is often difficult to establish. In addition, because HydroVax™ vaccines are inactivated, they are suitable for immunizing vulnerable populations such as the very young, the elderly and the immunocompromised – individuals in which live virus vaccines may be contraindicated. We are interested in applying the HydroVax™ platform to the development of safe and effective vaccines against emerging infectious diseases — especially serious diseases that pose a threat in endemic countries as well as to the US military and international travelers.