Vaccine Development

Najít Technologies, Inc. utilizes a novel oxidation-based vaccine platform termed, HydroVax™. This platform technology results in superior vaccine formulations for infectious diseases. Based on this foundation, NTI recently developed a next-generation, site-directed oxidation approach that represents a major advancement in this form of vaccine technology and the company has multiple patents and pending patent applications under review.

HydroVax™ vaccines:

  • Replace live vaccines with an inactivated counterpart, thereby greatly reducing the chances for serious adverse events in vaccinated individuals
  • Preserve important immunologic epitopes including neutralizing epitopes and T cell epitopes
  • Are amenable to heat-stable, preservative-free formulations

The properties inherent to our vaccine development platform make them ideal candidates for use in developing countries in which an effective cold-chain is often difficult to establish. In addition, because the HydroVax family of vaccines are inactivated, they are suitable for immunizing vulnerable populations such as the very young, the elderly and the immunocompromised – individuals in which live virus vaccines may be contraindicated. We are interested in applying our platform to the development of safe and effective vaccines against emerging infectious diseases — especially serious diseases that pose a threat in endemic countries as well as to the US military and international travelers.

To date, NTI has over 18 issued HydroVax-related patents in addition to 14 pending patent applications on advanced oxidation-based inactivation technology and the use of polyatomic oxyanions to prevent epitope damage during inactivation procedures involving peroxide, formaldehyde or betapropiolactone (BPL).

Examples of US patent/patent applications:
Inactivating Pathogens with Oxidizing Agents for vaccine production*
US Patent No. 8,124,397 (issued 2/28/12)
US Patent No. 8,716,000 (issued 5/6/14)
US Patent No. 10,143,740 (issued 12/4/18)
* These patents are exclusively licensed from Oregon Health & Science University

Inactivating pathogens and producing highly immunogenic inactivated vaccines using a dual oxidation process
US Patent Application No.16/300,540 (pending, PCT filing date 5/10/17)

Inorganic polyatomic oxyanions for protecting against antigenic damage during pathogen inactivation for vaccine production
US Patent Application No. 16/300,541 (pending, PCT filing date 5/10/17)